ICC Family Sports Day at the Velopark


Join us for the annual family fun day of activities at the Lee Valley Velopark.

11 May 2019, 12 noon until 3pm

£15.00 for adults

£7.50 for children (< 16)

Partners welcome!

For three hours we take over the whole outdoor road race circuit and will be hosting a series of games and races for all those who wish to compete. We've brought back some old favourites and have added few new events this year!

The order of the day is fun, so speed and super serious racing can take the day off, please.

There will be light refreshments set up as self-serve.


Race 1: 5-mile Team Time Trial

Teams cover 5 laps together with the time taken on the last rider to finish.


Race 2: Full Glass Relay Race

Riders take turns to carrying a full cup of liquid over a short course and then passing to each team-mate in turn. The team with the most liquid left in their glass over the finish line wins.


Race 3: Elimination Race

Mass start race on the short circuit, every lap the last rider across the line is out.


Race 4: Longest Lap

Ride from the waiting area to the start but don't cross it. If you put your foot down, you're out. When the whistle blows anyone left standing sprints in a 1/2 lap dash to the line for victory.


Race 5: Pursuit Race

Riders started in categories with the least experience having a head start and the faster categories chasing from behind - can they catch up and cross the line first?


Race 6: Youth Takeover

ICC has a promising youth setup. This youth race is 4 laps of the velopark.


Race 7: Progeny TT

A parent and child two up TT where the parents cross the line behind their children, who are timed.